Cops in Shops

copsinshops_849391160“Cops in Shops” is program to combat the purchase of alcohol by minors. Brought to you by the Plymouth Police Department and the Century Coalition.






What is “Cops in Shops?”

“Cops in Shops” is a program that the Plymouth Police Department funds via a state Community Policing grant that we have been participating in for over twelve years. It addresses the problem of underage drinking and the prevention of the illegal purchase of alcohol by minors.

copsinshops_849391160bHow does it work?

The program places an undercover officer within liquor stores to assist the merchant in preventing the illegal sale of alcohol to minors. A second officer positioned outside the establishment will deter individuals from procuring alcohol for minors.

Why is this program necessary?

Nearly seven young people die each day – about one every 3 ½ hours – in an alcohol-related traffic crash.

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