K-9 Kaiser Memorial 2011-2013



K-9 Kaiser joined the Plymouth Police Department on May 11, 2011 when he was officially accepted as a donation to the department.  Partnered with Patrol Officer Jamie Lebretton they trained together for 16 weeks at the regional patrol dog academy under the direction of Assistant Deputy Superintendent Ken Ballanger of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, one of the foremost police K-9 trainers in the country.  During that time Kaiser and Officer Lebretton formed a unique bond them that only a K-9 and his handler can fully understand. They also became a precision team fully prepared to serve and protect the citizens of America’s Hometown.

During their all too short time together, Kaiser and Lebretton developed an admirable record of accomplishments; not only as crime fighters, but rescuers, and public relations ambassadors for the Plymouth Police Department. At public demonstrations hundreds would gather and watch in amazement as Lebretton and Kaiser would demonstrate their proficiencies as a team.

Kaiser was one of a kind. No one can fully grasp the depth of loss felt by Officer Lebretton and his family. The whole department feels the loss for Kaiser was one of their own and the loss of any officer, human or K-9 is felt forever. But as we soon learned, we are not alone in our loss as word of the passing of Kaiser became news nationally and around the world.  Rest easy Kaiser, for you have served well.

Read more about Kaiser and see more photos at the Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation Facebook Page.

Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation

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