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The following are links to items about the activities of the Plymouth Police Department that have appeared on a variety of news sources.

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MARCH 2015

Plymouth driver cited for broadcasting profanities  3-24-2015

Woman accused of OUI, leaving scene of West Plymouth crash 3-24-2015

SUPERIOR COURT: Suspect in drive-by shootings of condo complex indicted  3-24-2015

Carver man overdoses at the wheel in Plymouth plaza 3-23-2015

Call For Help At Plymouth Drive Thru 3-19-2015

Duxbury man charged with drunken driving at Plymouth restaurant  3-18-3015

Pembroke man accused of aggravated assault in Plymouth  3-18-2015

Plymouth woman charged with drugged driving 3-17-2015

Driver charged after late night crash in Plymouth 3-16-2015

Wareham man beaten outside Plymouth bar 3-16-2015

Plymouth man arraigned in fatal hit-and-run 3-13-2015

Marshfield woman charged after North Plymouth crash 3-12-2015

Plymouth man faces up to 78 months after child pornography plea 3-11-2015

Plymouth boy accused of stealing teacher’s phone – 3-5-2015



Apparent Heroin Ovrdose in Plymouth –  02-27-2015

Woman injured in North Plymouth crash 2-27-2015

Buzzards Bay link to Buttermilk Bay break – 02-26-2015

West Plymouth man charged with sixth drunken driving offense – 02-23-2015

Woman charged with OUI after head-on crash with Plymouth cruiser – 02-23-15

Neighborhood teen charged with Cedarville break-in – 02-23-2015

Kingston woman survives weekend snowplow crash in Plymouth – 02-19-2015

Kingston woman survives weekend snowplow crash in Plymouth – 02-19-2015

Woman saves son from apparent overdose in West Plymouth – 02-19-2015

Suspect in Kingston armed assault arrested in North Plymouth – 02-18-2015

Narrowed roads blamed for two weekend crashes in Plymouth – 02-18-2015

Slippery roads cited in Ellisville crash – 02-18-2015

Marshfield Man Overdoses in Plymouth – 02-12-2015

PLYMOUTH POLICE DEPARTMENT: 13 new officers join local police force – 2-11-2015

Icy road blamed for Manomet crash – 02-10-2015

Plymouth police warn of IRS phone scam 2-6-2015

Carver man revived after apparent overdose in West Plymouth – 2-3-2015

Couple swept from Plymouth Beach while watching storm – 2-2-2015



Wareham Man Arrested in Plymouth  1-30-2015

Two men arrested on drug and gun charges at Plymouth hotel – 1-30-2013

Elderly man found dead in Plymouth 1-28-2015

Everett man indicted for alleged kidnapping and rape in Plymouth  1-23-2015

Police rescue dog from North Plymouth pond  1-23-2015

Plymouth man, woman face heroin charges 1-23-2015

Driver cited after late night crash in South Plymouth – 1-22-2015

Plymouth woman spends night in woods after Chiltonville crash – 1-22-2015

$20,000 in appliances stolen from Pinehills construction site – 1-21-2015

SUPERIOR COURT: Judge dismisses charges against Boston cop accused of storing military explosives in West Plymouth – 1-20-2015

Lynn man, Carver woman arrested on drug charges in Plymouth Jan. 20, 2015

Woman charged with impersonating police officer at Manomet restaurant 1-20-2015

Driver charged as repeat offender after two-car crash in Manomet – 1-20-2015

Plymouth Police Appreciation Day at Shanty Rose – 1-17-2015

Rockland man arrested as repeat drunken driving offender in Plymouth – 1-15-2015

Plymouth man arrested on child porn charge – 1-15-2015

Officers now trained to use Narcan, the lifesaving overdose antidote – 1-14-2015

Bogus bills passed at Plymouth gas station – 1-14-2015

Cedarville man charged with drunken driving after girlfriend’s crash in Manomet – 1-13-2015

 Students survive bus accident with bumps and bruises – 1-09-2015

Apparent overdose in Manomet 1-09-2015

Car vs School Bus sends 15 to Hospital 1-8-2015

Three men charged with kidnapping in Plymouth 1-07-2015

Another restaurant break-in in Plymouth 1-07-2015

Manomet restaurant break-in Jan. 5, 2015

UPDATE: Plymouth police seize guns, heroin in Manomet drug bust – 1-4-2015

Plymouth police seize guns, heroin in Manomet drug bust  1-4-2015

Drugged driving 1-2-2015

Good-bye Again 1-02-2015

2014 A LOOK BACK: Officer Gregg Maloney falls in line of duty 1-02-2015

2014 A LOOK BACK: Highs and lows mark 2014 for Plymouth police  1-02-2014



 Officer Down Memorial Page Remembers Patrolman George Bell 12-29-2014

Driver charged as repeat offender after South Plymouth crash 12-24-2014

Wareham, Kingston men arrested in Plymouth drug bust  12-23-2014

Suspect in Plymouth heroin raid arrested   12-23-2014

Suspect identified in theft of Plymouth church donation box  12-23-2014

SMART911: New service gives residents personalized emergency response  12-22-2014

Plymouth Police Chief looks to partner with community to battle drug epidemic 12-17-2014

Plymouth: Record number of heroin overdoses, deaths 12-16-2014

Drug overdose in Manomet  12-16-14

Driver to face charges after downtown Plymouth crash 12-16-14

Middleboro driver charged as an accessory to Plymouth shooting 12-15-14

Deadly drug overdoses in Plymouth 12-15-14

Cedarville man to face drugged driving charge after weekend crash  12-15-14

Man accused of collecting debt with baseball bat in Manomet  12-12-14

Overdoses becoming daily event in Plymouth 12-12-14 

Accident in Manomet kills young mother 12-03-14

1 Dead, 2 Injured After Crash  12-01-14



Three drivers injured Monday in West Plymouth crash 11-25-2014

Suspect arrested in Plymouth highway shootings 11-24-2014

Plymouth man saved from heroin overdoses twice in one weekend 11-24-2014

Cape Couple Charged With Receiving Stolen Property in West Plymouth 11-21-2014


Everett man accused of rape in Plymouth 11-19-2014

Drug overdoses blamed for two weekend deaths in Plymouth 11-17-2014

Narcan saves driver from overdose in Cedarville 11-14-2014

Another Plymouth home targeted by gunfire 11-14-2014

Driver charged as repeat offender after Manomet crash 11-10-14

Impatient patient arrested at Plymouth hospital 11-10-2014

Street Crimes Unit arrest Carver woman, Dorchester man arrested on cocaine charges in Plymouth  11-07-2014

Carver woman, Dorchester man arrested on cocaine charges in Plymouth 11-07-2014

Two injured in head-on crash near Manomet transfer station  11-07-2014

Traffic stop leads to drug arrest in Plymouth 11-05-2014

Condos off highway targeted by gunfire, third time in two months 11-05-2014

Cedarville woman accused of delivering heroin to hospital patient 11-3-2014



Police interrupt drug deal in West Plymouth 10-31-2014

Manomet woman to face charges after disturbance in Plymouth Town Hall 10-31-2014

Plymouth man arrested on drug distribution charges 10-27-2014

West Plymouth woman charged after downtown crash 10-24-2014

Plymouth Student Runs Into Car Chasing School Bus 10-23-2014

Police investigate sex assault allegations in Plymouth 10-23-2014

Police investigate two break-ins in Plymouth 10-21-2014

Weekend four-car accident in Manomet 10-20-2014

Plymouth police warn about money card scams 10-17-2014

Elderly driver run over by own car in Manomet 10-16-2014

Three from Manomet charged with home invasion 10-15-2014

Possible link between Kingston theft, Cedarville break-in 10-14-2014

Plymouth man indicted on child pornography distribution and possession charges 10-07-2014

Plymouth Police Investigate Another Sudden Death As Possible Overdose 10-07-2014

Plymouth Meter Maid Assaulted 10-07-2014

Perfume Blamed for Manomet Crash that injured 10-03-2014



Probation visit leads to drug charges in Plymouth 9-24-2014

Cape man accused of breaking into Cedarville hobby shop and stealing copters 09-24-2014

Search leads to heroin arrests in North Plymouth  09-23-2014

Road rage incident ends at Plymouth PD 9-24-2014

Manomet man charged with drugged driving 9-22-2014

Plymouth lobsterman to face charges after fight over tangled lines 9/18/2014

Man arrested after complaining about lunch in Plymouth 9-18-2014

PLYMOUTH’S 9/11 MEMORIAL: A call for unity 09/17/2014

Plymouth police seek fireworks charges against child pornography suspect 9-12-2014

More Trouble For Kessler 9/12/2014

Police investigate student cell phone photos at Plymouth North 9-12-2014

PLYMOUTH POLICE DEPARTMENT: Baby’s ashes reunited with family 9-12-2014

Plymouth teen accused of rape 9-10-2014

South Plymouth couple accused of growing weed 9-8-2014

SHARK ATTACK: Great, white and local 9-7-2014

Police seize guns from Plymouth porn suspect 9-3-2014

Weapons Found In Plymouth Child Porn Raid Registered To Grandmother 9-02-2014

Motorcyclist charged after midnight crash in North Plymouth 9-02-2014

Carver man, Manomet woman arrested on heroin charges in West Plymouth 9-2-2014



Plymouth Accident Suspect Found After Crash In Marion 08-20-2014

Fatal heroin overdose in Plymouth 5-19-14

South Middle School students visit the Plymouth police station 2-11-2014

Rise in heroin use mirrors state surge 02-09-2014

North Plymouth home invasion 12-6-2013


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