Detective Division

detective_evidence_374038977The primary function of the Plymouth Police Detective Division is to conduct investigations relative to major crimes and serious incidents. It is the goal of the Detective Division to identify and arrest perpetrators of crimes and to recover stolen property.

While the uniformed officers in our Patrol Division have the initial responsibility for preliminary field investigations, the follow-up investigations are carried out by the Plymouth Police Detectives Division which is supervised by Det. Lt. Antonio Gomes (ext. 236). Various types of confidential and personnel investigations are also conducted by our Detectives Division.

Free when workingDetectives conduct investigations by reading reports written by uniformed patrol officers and follow up on investigative leads and suspects. They conduct interviews of all persons involved, make arrests, write and serve search warrants, conduct forensic interviews, arrange for medical exams, gather intelligence, perform surveillance and investigate incidents.

Detectives develop and maintain case files, documenting all pertinent information in chronological order. They maintain an orderly working file on all active cases. At the appropriate time these files are submitted to the district attorney, while maintaining an active role until a case is adjudicated.

Detectives prepare cases for prosecution by conducting follow up investigations and supplementing reports, conducting interviews on all persons involved and obtaining additional supporting documents as required. They also conduct criminal background investigation on suspects and leads, coordinating with prosecuting attorneys and testifying in court.

Detectives also perform other duties by working closely and communicating with other agencies, exchanging information, attending meetings and training with other agencies, attending training seminars, and keeping abreast of all current laws and statutes.

Detective Division

Det. Carl Ditmars x238
Det. Paul Jennings x221
Det. Thomas Kennedy x217
Det. James Mason x239
Det. Timothy O’Hara x254
Det. David Ross x235
Det. Gregory Smith x270
Det. Brian Stas x205
Det. Richard Tavares x219
Det. Charles Warnock x210


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