Uniformed Patrol Force

marked_1_491152988The Patrol Division is the largest division within the Plymouth Police Department. The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to provide uniformed law enforcement services to the community.

Our highly trained uniformed police patrol officers are generally the first contact a citizen has with the department. The initial contact with a uniformed officer is very important and often leaves the citizen with a lasting impression of our department. It is our intention to make that impression a most positive one. Our primary goal is to provide our citizens with the highest quality law enforcement services in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

filesPatrol Structure

Captain John W Rogers Jr. (ext. 240) oversees all of the daily operations of the police department including the Uniformed Patrol Division. Each watch is commanded by a Police Lieutenant (“Shift Commander”), and one or two Sergeants (“Patrol Supervisors”).

The Shift Commander typically holds the rank of Lieutenant and oversees the entire shift while liaising our agency with others. They also ensure that all investigations are supervised accordingly.

Shift Commanders:

Lt. Dana Flynn ext. 198

Lt. Roland Santos ext. 186

Lt. Paul Higgins ext. 305

Lt. Stephen Tavekelian ext. 285

The Patrol Supervisor holds the rank of Sergeant and is responsible for the direct field supervision of the uniformed officers on duty. The Sergeant’s primary responsibility is to oversee the activities of his/her assigned officers, to be a resource for training and be the coordinator of police field services.

Patrol Supervisors:

Sgt. Scott Vecchi ext. 245

Sgt. Robert Ferguson ext. 381

Sgt. Martin Mason ext. 299

Sgt. Anthony DiAngelo ext. 303

Sgt. Christopher Butler ext. 278

Sgt. Laura Lincoln ext. 276

Sgt. Michael Ferazzi ext. 309

Sgt. Marc Manfredi ext. 211

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