Records Division

records_864390276The Records Division of the Plymouth Police Department provides copies of official records to the public. These may be requested in person during our normal business hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.)

You may print this request form and mail or bring it to us. Please take the time to check our information availability.


We will use the information you give us to comply with your public records request. Your request itself is a public record and may be released under the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Act. We will not release this information in any other way.

Public Records Request Form

(Print out and mail or bring to station)

It is the goal of the Records Division of the Plymouth Police Department to provide the public with access to all information defined as public by law or regulation, while maintaining the confidentiality of information exempted from release. So that we may fully comply with all laws and regulations, records requested will be mailed within ten days of your request. Written estimates will be mailed within ten days when the estimated cost to provide those records exceeds $10.00.

In order that we may find the information you seek, please fill out the following:

Name of any party involved:_____________________________________________________________

Type of incident:______________________________________________________________________

Date and time occurred or reported:_______________________________________________________

In order that we may get this information to you, please fill out the following:

Your name:__________________________________________________________________________

Your address:________________________________________________________________________

Your telephone number:________________________________________________________________


Motor Vehicle Accident reports – $5.00 for up to six pages, $0.50 per page thereafter.

All other reports – $1.00 per page.

Other types of records – Actual cost to copy.

Complex requests will be charged for time spent searching and segregating non-public material.

Our current rates for such labor range from $15.75 to $34.13 / hour

—————————————-For Records Division use only—————————————

Date recv’d:___________________ Incident #:__________________________

Date mailed:___________________ Search time:___________ Segregation time:_______

Reviewed by:___________________________________ Total costs:________

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