Plymouth Police Special Units

Plymouth Police K-9 Unit

The Plymouth Police K-9 Unit was deactivated approximately 20 years ago, but under the leadership of Chief Botieri, it was re-instituted in the spring of … Full Story


Motorcycle Patrol Unit

Supervised by Sgt. S. Vecchi, the Plymouth Police Motorcycle Unit was re-established in June of 2009. These officers are specially trained in the care and handling of their motor units. … Full Story


Mountain Bike Team

Supervised by Sgt. C. Butler, the Plymouth Police Department’s Mountain Bike Team was implemented in June of 2009. Its primary mission is to reduce crime by being highly visible. … Full Story


Street Crimes Unit – SCU

The Street Crimes Unit consists of  under cover officers who utilize a variety of disguises and techniques to mix in with members of the public to infiltrate groups committing as series of crimes related to illegal substance distribution and abuse among others. …  Full Story

Special Response Unit

The Plymouth Police Department has specialized tools and vehicles to respond to any situation. … Full Story


Mounted Unit

Four officers received equestrian instruction from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department in the spring of 2010. These officers now periodically utilize the horses boarded at the nearby Plymouth County Farm for law enforcement patrols. … Full Story


Marine Unit

Four Plymouth Police Officers have received maritime law enforcement training and are currently assigned to crew the department’s patrol boat. These officers liaise with such … Full Story

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