Motorcycle Patrol Unit

motorcycle9_450_881648607Supervised by Sgt. S. Vecchi, the Plymouth Police Motorcycle Unit was re-established in June of 2009. These officers are specially trained in the care and handling of their motor units.


See Photos of the Plymouth Police Motorcycle Unit

Officers assigned to the Motorcycle Unit have successfully completed a forty hour training course that strived to teach officers the special balance and precision maneuvering techniques of the police motorcycle. The Plymouth Police Department utilizes Harley-Davidson Police motorcycles.

Motorcycles are especially valuable to the department because they allow officers to work their way through heavy traffic that would stop a conventional cruiser and they are economical to operate. They are also capable of going places conventional cruisers simply cannot go; such a narrow alleys and pathways through wooded areas. They are also highly valuable for patrolling the highly congested beach and waterfront areas in the summertime.

For more information, Motorcycle Patrol Unit Sgt. S. Vecchi can be reached at ext. 245.

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