Mountain Bike Team

bikepage_450_808674916Supervised by Sgt. C. Butler, the Plymouth Police Department’s Mountain Bike Team was implemented in June of 2009. Its primary mission is to reduce crime by being highly visible.


See Photos of the Plymouth Police Mountain Bike Unit


The Mountain Bike Team often assists our conventional police cruiser units in the downtown business district, in our public parks, and in other areas that are not accessible to conventional police cruisers.

Our Mountain Bike Team is also an ideal tool to encourage Community Policing partnerships with residents, business owners, and the tens of thousands of tourists that visit our America’s Home Town every year.

Plymouth Police Mountain Bikes are often seen at parades and special town events. Bike officers may be available for demonstrations and to assist at your special event. For more information about our Mountain Bike Team, please contact Mountain Bike Team Sgt. C. Butler at ext. 278.

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