Ptl. Brian Eames Final Roll Call

Officer Brian Eames retiring after 34 years of service
(L to R) Ptls. Coyer, Scharath, Det. Mason, Ptl. Fernandes, Det. Tavares, Lt. D. Flyyn, Sgt. Ferguson, Ptl. Reid. Det. Lt. Gomes, Ptls. McLaughlin, Nelson, Manuel, Jesse, Goodwin, Det. O’Hara, Ptl. Brian Eames (Badge #2), Ptl. Reimer, Lt. Santos, Ptl. Elliot, Capt. Rogers, Ptls Hassan, Flood, Det. Warnock, Sgt. Flynn, Ptls. Patterson, G.Morse (obsured), Civetti, Sgts. Ferazzi and S. Vecchi.

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Plymouth Police Department