2010 Plymouth Police “Nightsticks, ” (photo taken after their 6-2 win against the Plymouth FD Hockey Team- 14/May/10)

(L to R standing) Det. J. Lopes, Ptl. J. Malonson (Team Captain), Ptl. D. Reimer, Mr. Steven Smolinksy Jr (son of Ptl. Steven Smolinsky Sr), MSP Tpr. Greg Furtado wearing his father’s (Ptl. Daryl Furatdo) retired jersey #13, Mr. Brian MacMillan (brother of Ptl. T. MacMillan), Ptl. M. Macomber, Mr. Geoff White, Kingston PD Sgt. Scott Morgan, Ptl. T. MacMillan, Mr. Jason Gavin, Ptl. D. Hassan;
(L to R kneeling) Sgt. A. DiAngelo, Ptl. J. Scharath, Mr. Brendan Fahy (son of retired Lt. Kevin Fahy), MSP Tpr. William Bates

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