1986 Plymouth Police Basketball Team before a game with the New England Patriots at Memorial Hall (Mar/86)

Standing (L to R) Coach Arthur Axon, Ptls. S. Viella, C. Warnock, B. Eames, G. Haley, J. Walsh, M. Ferazzi, M. Butters, D. Furtado, W. Curtis, T. May, R. Dorman, V. Higgins, M. Caton, Sgt. W. O’Meara, Ptl. W. Fistori Kneeling (L to R) Ptls W. White, K. Furtado, Sgt. S. Budge, Ptl. J. Rogers, Sgt. K. Fahy, Ptl. R. Webb

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Plymouth Police Department