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    Public access to state and local government records is governed by Massachusetts General Law c. 66 §10. The Freedom of Information Act is a federal law that pertains to the access of federal government records.

    The Public Records Law only applies to government records already in existence. A records custodian is not required by the Public Records Law to answer questions or create a record in response to a request, but may do so at his or her discretion.

    All data and information is considered a public record (as previously defined) unless it falls into one of the (following listed) exemptions.

    Victim & Victim Family Information PROHIBITED Sex Victim and Rape Report Information PROHIBITED Domestic Violence Reports PROHIBITED Harassment Order Plaintiff PROHIBITED Immediate Threat Report EXEMPT Firearm Information PROHIBITED Child Requiring Assistance (formerly CHINS) PROHIBITED Juvenile Delinquency Case Records PROHIBITED Requests for Sex Offender Information PROHIBITED Nude/Partially Nude Photos EXEMPT Search Warrants and Affidavits EXEMPT Registry of Motor Vehicle Information PROHIBITED Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) PROHIBITED Exemption B - Internal Rules & Practices of the Government Unit Personnel and medical files or information; also any other materials or data relating to a specifically named individual, the disclosure of which may constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy Internal Affairs Records Inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda of letters relating to policy positions Notebooks and other materials prepared by an employee of the commonwealth Investigatory materials necessarily compiled out of the public view by law enforcement or other investigatory officials the disclosure of which materials would probably so prejudice the possibility of effective law enforcement that such disclosure would not be in the public interest Trade secrets or commercial or financial information The name, home address, telephone number and personal email address of a family member of any such personnel: law enforcement, judicial, prosecutorial, department of youth services, department of children and families, department of correction and any other public safety and criminal justice system personnel, and of unelected general court personnel
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