Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

In July of 2014, Chief Michael Botieri took a big step forward to improve public safety by creating Plymouth’s first Street Crimes Unit.

The Street Crimes Unit is a dedicated team of plain clothed, possibly disguised, undercover officers who mingle in public places using a variety of techniques to detect persons involved in crimes especially those related to substance abuse, illegal weapons possession, burglary, robbery, assault and battery, as well as the apprehension of dangerous wanted suspects.

The SCU targets specific and significant threats to public safely as well as our residents and visitors ability to move freely, and conduct business. The SCU goal is to disrupt and prevent dangerous street level criminal activity within the town of Plymouth so as to provide a safe and secure environment and to improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

The SCU does not answer routine calls, thus they are able to commit the time and resources to investigate specific, acute criminal activity that is a danger to the general public. They do this by blending in. SCU officers may appear to be normal citizen’s, drug dealers, substance abusers, or even potential easy marks for criminals. In short, an SCU officer can be anyone they want to be depending on the situation.

In addition to making arrests, the SCU hopes of make criminals so paranoid that they will be caught by the SCU officers that they take their criminal activity anywhere else but Plymouth.